A European Technology Company, specializing in healthcare.

PlaceForPeople is a technology company, based in Europe serving healthcare and service providers since 2012.

Our team capabilities combine high-tech with high-touch.

PlaceForPeople developed unique, award winning technology

PlaceForPeople built an award-winning cloud based meta-platform to be able to deploy and connect independent multi-lingual, multi-stakeholder, multi-country platforms.

On the meta-platform architecture, PlaceForPeople builds healthcare platforms that are quick to implement and customize with no-start up costs.

This unique technology enables our customers to increase their productivity, gain time and reduce costs significantly.

A Platform...

is defined as a community based ecosystem, whereby community members are able to interact with each other using multi- channels on multiple devices to collaborate and manage multi-media content

A Meta-Platform...

is designed as a set of inter-connected purpose specific platforms, helping all users to interact with their communities in a targeted manner

Global Reach of Clients